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Hong Kong’s Fight For Democracy

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Almost to this day four years ago, Hong Kong’s police were dragging away the last protesters and tearing down the final remnants of what became known as the Umbrella Movement. The mass protests calling for democracy, symbolised by a yellow umbrella, spontaneously erupted […]


Will the US Government Shutdown Resurface?

While gridlock has become a mainstay of Congress, the concept of a government shutdown may be alien to some readers unfamiliar with American politics. For federal agencies, departments and other ‘non-essential’ services to run, Congress must agree on a spending bill that allocates money for employees and specific projects. The president must then sign the […]

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How Jair Bolsonaro Won In Brazil

In a scene more apt for the hit British drama ‘Bodyguard’ than for a federal election, the right-wing frontrunner of the upcoming Brazilian presidential race was rushed to hospital after being stabbed in the stomach at a rally in the town of Juiz de Forza. Despite spending a significant portion of the campaign in a […]