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Belarus: On The Edge Of Democracy

This report was compiled by Rory Gannon A nation’s path to democracy is rarely smooth. Throughout history, newly independent countries have struggled to consolidate new governments. In 2015 Myanmar’s first free and fair elections were not eagerly embraced by the military that had held power in the country for over twenty years. The following election […]


A Historic Month In American Politics

By Adam Bennett “This American carnage stops right here, and it stops right now.” – President Donald Trump, 19th January 2017 Four years ago this month, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. The campaign had been hard-fought, with its result shocking observers from virtually every corner of the globe. It seemed […]

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Thailand Protests: Shock, Courage, and a Monarchy Under Scrutiny

By Colin McGinness Ongoing protests in Bangkok continue to rock Thailand, as they enter the fifth straight month of organised demonstrations. These demonstrations have captured the attention of many foreign news outlets, and have dominated news in the country. But to many casual observers, these protests have come as a shock. Nominally a democracy, the […]