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Can ‘Super Mario’ Draghi Level-Up Italy?

By Adam Bennett “Within our mandate, the European Central Bank is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. And believe me, it will be enough.” Mario Draghi, speaking as ECB President in 2012 With those words, the story goes, Mario Draghi set in motion a chain of events which rescued the euro. […]

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The World After Covid: A New Role for Fiscal Policy

By Joseph Eyre As the Covid-19 pandemic passes the grim milestones of a year of devastation and two million deaths, the disruption caused and its implications on the future are becoming more clear. From the way we work, to action on climate and the economy, it’s fair to say that the post-Covid world will be […]

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Opinion: The EU’s Vaccine Nationalism Is An Erratic Disaster

By Adam Bennett Having listened to our readers’ feedback, this represents the first in a regular series of monthly Opinion pieces. Their content will not necessarily reflect the views of The International, only those of their authors. “Britain will have to be made an example of – any recalcitrant government that steps outside the modus […]

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How Does Lockdown Impact Our Mental Health?

By Jude Holmes “It Was the Winter of Despair”  “Now is the winter of our discontent/ Made glorious summer by this sun of York” are the famous opening lines of Shakespeare’s Richard III, probably written at the end of 1593. The year 1593 had started much as 2021, with an ominous rise in London plague […]

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Three Scientific Advancements You May Have Missed During Lockdown

By Jude Holmes This year, the world has appeared to simply stop. Throughout the pandemic, the scientific advancement on everyone’s lips has understandably been the search for a vaccine as many labs have been turned over to cope with Covid testing and antibody research. But the world continues to turn, and wherever there is motion, […]

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September 2020: The World In Review

In this series of articles, our foreign affairs editor Colin McGinness provides a concise roundup of the biggest geopolitical events from the past month. International Headlines The number of recorded deaths related to Covid-19 has officially breached one million. Whilst it is suspected that this number might even be lower than the true figure, with […]

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The Hunt For A Vaccine

By Jude Holmes The first cases of COVID-19 in humans were recorded in the city of Wuhan in December 2019. By the end of January, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had issued a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, a warning for all countries to prepare for the spread of the virus. On the 11th […]

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The World After Covid: The Refugee Crisis

By Loui Marchant Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, human rights groups were warning of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in refugee camps on the Aegean islands. For much of the past decade, the Greek territory has been at the epicentre of the ongoing European refugee crisis. At the close of 2019, a series of horrifying reports […]

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The World After Covid: Artificial Intelligence

By Jude Holmes In a world consumed with the daily threat of infection rates and the hunt for disease control solutions, technology has come in to save the day. Drones delivered supplies to Scottish Isles, around half of all NHS medical appointments took place by phone (compared to 14% pre-lockdown), and over 750,000 people signed […]

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The World After Covid: Climate Change

In this series of articles, The International explores the ways in which Covid-19 has changed the course of our planet’s history. In this second piece, our editor-in-chief Adam Bennett examines how the climate crisis has been reshaped by the pandemic. “Today, dolphins can be seen swimming in the newly-clear waters of Venice. As people stay […]