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The World After Covid: A New Role for Fiscal Policy

By Joseph Eyre As the Covid-19 pandemic passes the grim milestones of a year of devastation and two million deaths, the disruption caused and its implications on the future are becoming more clear. From the way we work, to action on climate and the economy, it’s fair to say that the post-Covid world will be […]

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Opinion: The EU’s Vaccine Nationalism Is An Erratic Disaster

By Adam Bennett Having listened to our readers’ feedback, this represents the first in a regular series of monthly Opinion pieces. Their content will not necessarily reflect the views of The International, only those of their authors. “Britain will have to be made an example of – any recalcitrant government that steps outside the modus […]

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The Hunt For A Vaccine

By Jude Holmes The first cases of COVID-19 in humans were recorded in the city of Wuhan in December 2019. By the end of January, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had issued a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, a warning for all countries to prepare for the spread of the virus. On the 11th […]

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How Have Different Countries Responded To Covid-19?

Quarantine, it transpires, is fertile ground for conspiracy theories. With flights grounded and social media in overdrive, reliable information is perhaps more scarce than ever before. Many popular fake news stories appearing on social media feeds in the developed world focus on comparisons with other countries. “Why are we trapped inside”, one viral post begins, […]